ABOUT US. Clever Cat Tuition treats each child as unique and aims to develop and nurture their attributes and potential to the maximum.

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Clever Cat Tuition was started almost a decade ago, by Amber Astron Christo, B.Ed.(Hons), M.A. to give an all-round child-centred service.  We have been working with some families over a period of years and have seen children blossom in both their confidence and achievements. Other pupils have received exam support and entered their chosen private school, or have gone on to Grammar school after 11+.  In 2022, we had 100% pass rate with our 11+ pupils, this included those taking the CEM exam as well as GL exam. We have just had all the results come in from our pupils taking the 11+ in 2023 and AGAIN we have 100% pass rate, with the majority in the top 150 with a choice of multiple schools! Congratulations to all of you, fabulous work!

Our extensive and successful experience with online tuition for overseas pupils, (either English as a 2nd Language, or 11+ / private school  entrance exam prep.) made for good preparation for the pandemic. After 'lock-down' all our tuition was moved to online, and continues to be so. This is for your safety, as travelling house to house and conducting close up tuition, remains high risk. We use SKYPE and all materials are provided, including any necessary books, work folders  AT NO EXTRA COST!

Clever Cat Tuition offers: 
  • English/Maths tuition, either as short booster or 'catch up' courses; or long term for higher level accelerated learning, or where extra support is needed.
  • 11 PLUS for Grammar or Private school/SATS/ tuition & exam preparation. This is now available across UK and abroad ON LINE, (we  have numerous pupils from China, who have successfully studied to enter private school in UK or who are simply wanting to improve their English literacy).
  • English courses for Juniors to Teenagers i.e. pupils for whom ENGLISH is a 2ND LANGUAGE.
  • Specific teaching/learning techniques for children with Special/Additional Educational Needs; dyslexia screening; a full literacy /language assessment and written report service.
  • We also offer a range of Primary School subjects/general advice for children who are Home Schooled.

Tutoring fees are £35 per hour for individual tuition.
Work folders, books and individually designed tuition materials are included in the fee.
Assessment work/report writing is £40 per hour.

ON LINE TUITION IS AVAILABLE THROUGHOUT UK & ABROAD. Please contact us for more details.
The first online 'Meet & Greet' session is offered FREE so a basic assessment and tuition plan can be made.

For 11+ work please remember the earlier your child starts the better. Not only do children need to be consistently working at a high level within their school class, they have to cover curriculum content for Year 6, have an extensive vocabulary, as well as learning strategies to tackle the exam format. This means a commitment on the child's part and a willingness to take on extra homework.  A lot of effort is made to instil a sense of confidence in the pupil to allow them to focus and tackle the challenge in a positive way. We now offer 11+ tuition ON LINE, so we can offer tuition where ever you are!

Tutoring format is designed for the individual child's needs: it may be that just a little help is needed in specific parts of the curriculum, along with confidence building; perhaps your child is obviously 'bright' but not achieving, or seems bored; your child may be struggling, but no one is listening and you think they may need on-going help; or they may benefit from a clearly structured approach to their learning which gets them to focus, but also allows them to explore their learning in more depth and stretch their obvious abilities.

For children with additional needs we use a range of teaching strategies, including a multi-sensory approach and practical activities, as well as individual project work.